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Project - SEE River
Sustainable Integrated Management of
International River Corridors in SEE Countries
European Union SEE Programme
Drava Drava is a 725-kilometers long Danube tributary that flows from Italy through Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary. Although its course has been harnessed by hydroelectric power plants, some of its natural habitats are very well preservated. (photo: Branka Španiček) > read more
Bodrog Bodrog River is located in the Eastern part of Slovakia. The river is draining also the territory of western part of Ukraine (Zakarpathia). Bodrog is flowing through Hungary into Tisza. (photo: Stanislav Dobrotka) > read more
Neretva The Neretva river - the largest river of the eastern part of the Adriatic basin. It streches for 220km in B&H and for the last 20km in Croatia. It is extremely rich in water and in natural resources with many endemic and fragile life forms. > read more
Prut Prut River, the second longest tributary of the Danube defines the border with Ukraine and Republic of Moldova. Agriculture is the significant activity in the area. Hydropower dam Stânca - Costeşti (both sides Romania and Moldova) is the largest Romanian reservoir and a significant energy producer. > read more
Soča Soča River is a 137 km long river that flows through western Slovenia and north-eastern Italy. The total area of its basin is 3400 km2. Soča is a typical Alpine river. Due to its emerald-green water, the river is marketed as "The Emerald Beauty". (photo: Miro Kristan) > read more
Vjosa Vjosa River is one of the main rivers in Albania with totall length of 272 kilometers of which the first 80 kilometers are in Greece, and the remaining 192 kilometers are in Albania. (photo: Klemen Šavli) > read more

SEE River Final Event-ERRC 2014

The Final event of the SEE River Project will be integrated with the 6th edition of the European River Restoration Conference and will be held from 27 - 29 October in TechGate in Vienna. An optional one day field excursion will be organised to several inspiring locations nearby on 30 October. As part of the event, the 2nd European Riverprize will be awarded in Vienna's City Hall on 28 October.

The 2014 European River Restoration Conference will combine the presentation of river restoration practices and the institutional capacity building aspects of contemporary river corridor management addressed by the SEE River project. There will be particular emphasis on the practical aspects of river restoration practices, effectiveness, capacity, finance, policy and research.

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SEE River after SEE River

As a results of pilot activities along the rivers Drava, Bodrog, Neretva, Prut, Soča, Vjosa and l...


Acknowledging importance of this kind of document, heads of the Kolubara District and Regional Ch...

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Cross-sectoral river corridor event in B&H
From 15. 1. 2015 to 19. 2. 2015
In BiH

Pilot sites

Drava Soča Bodrog Prut Neretva Vjosa Pilot area Italy Pilot area Austria Pilot area Slovenia Pilot area Croatia Pilot area Hungary
Drava Bodrog Neretva Prut Soča Vjosa

1. Drava Drava is a 725-kilometers long river in southern Central Europe that flows from Italy through Austria, Slovenia, Hungary and Croatia, where it confluences with the Danube river.

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